If you love to sing, and are ready to take on a new challenge why not come and visit us on one of our rehearsal nights and see if you would like to be part of the Vocal Vibes family?

There is no requirement for you to be able to read music or have experience in group singing before. We welcome new members throughout the year.

Journey to Membership

Want to join us? Here's what the journey to membership will look like!

Step 1: Email before you visit a rehearsal so that we know to look out for you!

Step 2:  Arrive early to our Monday evening rehearsal to meet our Membership Coordinator and Musical Director. We will do a short voice placement exercise which may involve singing some scales or part of a song that you know such as 'Happy Birthday'. This is to give us an idea of your vocal range and type of voice so that we may assign you to one of the four voice parts. We will also tell you a bit more about what to expect during the evening.

Step 3: Watch, listen, and participate in rehearsal as much as you like!  If, at the end of the night, you like what you’ve heard and seen, our Membership Coordinator will discuss the way forward to becoming a prospective member with you. She will give you limited access to our members’ site, which contains the print music and learning tracks for our audition songs, as well as some other helpful information! She will also answer any questions you may have and introduce you to other key chorus members such as your Section Leader, the Finance Coordinator and the Team Coordinator. You’ll then be welcomed into the audition process.

The Audition Process:

Step 4: Learn the two audition songs 'How We Sang Today' and 'My Country' in the part you have been assigned to, using the learning tracks (recordings) and sheet music. Your Section Leader will help you to learn the song accurately and offer feedback on anything that needs polishing for your audition.

Step 5: Record yourself, singing along with the entire chorus (not holding the music). You will email that recording to your Section Leader and the Musical Director. They will provide you with helpful feedback and information about any areas that you may need to work on to audition successfully. You may find it takes a few attempts to pass the audition and that is OK!

Singing in front of others can be scary at first but remember that we are here to help you learn and we want you to succeed! It is expected that prospective members audition within 4-6 weeks of attending their first rehearsal.

Expectations for a Successful Audition:

You are not expected to have perfected the music.

The music team and director are looking for your ability to:

  • find your first note from the pitch pipe cue
  • sing correct notes, words, and tuning
  • take suggestions and improve at each opportunity

If the audition shows that your voice is suited to this style of singing and you are ready for the commitment required, you will be invited to join Vocal Vibes.

Come along and see if it’s for you!


When: Monday nights from late January to early December (except Public Holidays)
Time: 7.15pm  - 9.45pm
Where: Mullum Mullum Anglican Church (St Paul’s), 40 Warrandyte Road, Ringwood.
Contact: Katrina Nash: 0409 034 447,  

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