Brenda Smith Award 2021 - Sue Harvey

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Posted By: HENRIETTA Farr
Status: Current
Date Posted: Mon, 6 Dec 2021
The Brenda Smith Award for 2021 goes to Sue Harvey!

This award, affectionately known as "The Brenda" is awarded to a chorus member nominated by the members as displaying all of the Vocal Vibes Values as well as commitment to advancing their vocal skills

Keep reading for some of the reasons members nominated Sue:
  • Sue has been a member since Vocal Vibes started. She has kept us going through the pandemic and is a huge support to Henrietta. She does so much behind the scenes. Sue runs a great Management Team meeting every month. Organised and efficient. She is an excellent administrator. Together with Henrietta, I credit her with keeping Vocal Vibes alive and active during the pandemic.

  • Consistently displays all the positive attributes that reflect VV’s values despite another challenging year.

  • Sue has been a wonderful leader and chorus member throughout very difficult past years. Sue has always made herself available to assist and problem solve and serves the members as our TC with a very caring and professional manner. Sue is everything the Brenda Smith award stands for.

  • Sue consistently takes on additional responsibilities such as front row, multiple roles in the Management Team and previous Bass Section Leader. This year she has done an excellent job of keeping chorus members informed of changing restrictions and has continued to keep her own auditions up to date, even when motivation has been low. It would be criminal for Sue not to win the Brenda this year!

  • Sue Harvey has given us all a very generous gift. The calm leadership she has shown in a really challenging year has kept us going. Along with Henrietta and the Teams, I wish we could vote for them all. Sue, thank you so much

  • For helping stay the Chorus through a difficult time both last year and this year.

  • Outstanding work keeping VV afloat during pandemic and always.

  • Sue has been a tremendous asset to the Chorus for many, many years. She continues to demonstrate her passion for barbershop and works well on her skills at rehearsal and in her own time. Her leadership and guidance through the challenging COVID situation we faced in 2020-2021 has really shone, and she has been an exceptionally supportive leader to all through this unprecedented time. Sue is a passionate and committed member of Vocal Vibes, and an incredibly worthy recipient of the Brenda Smith award.

  • Sue has shown all the criteria throughout her chorus life, especially over the past 2 years of us living with COVID. Sue has shown grace, humour, and leadership as our Management Team Co-ordinator, also working on our Christmas in July show and many other tasks behind the scenes. This year so many members deserve an award for all they have contributed but Sue stands out. 

  • Sue has worked so hard for the chorus for many years and continues to do so. And sharing her musical talents.

  • A constant tower of strength during the most difficult of times, Sue has demonstrated the Vocal Vibes Values – The Heart. The Drive. The Vibe. She has articulated compassion, enthusiasm, and determination. She strives to keep her auditions up to date and maintain her vocal skills (as much as feasible this last year). She brings humour, is thoughtful of others and uses her personality effectively to engage members. I think she is an outstanding candidate for the Brenda in 2021.

  • Her commitment to Vocal Vibes. A wonderful TC during some tough times and especially during the Covid times. Her humour and her humility. She has been the glue that has kept us together.